What is HLPOA?

HLPOA is our association, joining property owners both on and off Hagerman Lake. We are dedicated to maintaining the high quality of our lake. Proactive action and watchful diligence now is wise; acting after problems develop could well be too late. With the support of our dues-paying members, our association

  • informs lake residents of concerns affecting lake and nearby lands, and of problems developing in surrounding lakes
  • works with State and local agencies and the Ottawa National Forest Service in monitoring and maintaining the quality of the lake
  • provides educational resources related to the protection of our lake
  • offers many opportunities to become acquainted with lake neighbors

We support of Article II of our Bylaws—The purpose of HLPOA is to preserve and protect Hagerman lake and its surroundings, and to enhance the water quality, fishery, boating safety, and aesthetic values of the lake as a public recreation facility for today and future generations.

This ought be the desire of all to whom this lake is precious.

Joining is easy—just contact our treasurer, Marla Busakowskicomplete and return the membership application.

Our Current Efforts:

  • engaging White Water Environmental Consultants for yearly lake evaluation. This has been ongoing since 2007.
  • assisting the Forest Service in maintaining the boat wash
  • sponsoring 4th July Boat Parade
  • maintaining our web site hagermanlake.org
  • publishing on our web site, an up-to-date directory of all property owners
  • mailing a seasonal newsletter to all property owners
  • securing discounted rates with local propane supplier for dues-paying members
  • operating under an elected board with established constitution and by-laws
  • serving as a representative to the Iron County Lakes and Streams Partnership

How long has HLPOA Existed

Although formed informally over 20 years ago under the leadership of several concerned owners, HLPOA has realized that changing times have brought new concerns. To address new needs and protect this legacy, HLPOA reorganized in 2006 as stated in its bylaws, as a “nonprofit corporation of Stambaugh Township, Iron County, MI.” We meet annually at Covenant Point Bible Camp. We have a seven- member Board elected for staggered terms. The board and the association represent both seasonal and year-around residents.

Membership has increased in recent years. Currently 70 percent of the lake’s property owners are members.

We Invite You to Join

If you agree with these goals and enjoy the beauty of our lake, and if you value this unique environmental resource and want to protect it for future generations, here is your opportunity to join with us in making this possible! As the quality of the lake goes, so goes your property value!

To join the HLPOA, please complete the membership application.

Current Board Of Directors

Ryan MeskePresident2023
Wally RankinVice President2023
Karen PattonSecretary2023
Marla BusakowskiTreasurer2022
Terri SortiDirector2023
Mike RummelhoffDirector2022
Jill HauckDirector2023
Chad JohnsonWebmaster2023

To contact any of the board members, log in to the Lake Directory. Email the webmaster if you don’t know the password.