Hagerman Lake Property Owners’ Association

is our combined voice for action in all matters pertaining to our lake, our community, and our surrounding land. Concerns are more urgent than noisy boats, beer cans at the beach, and unpredictable fishing. Surrounding lakes are experiencing declining water quality and unwanted invasive species, and are finding that correction is more difficult and expensive than prevention. It is time to be proactive; in previous years we have as a group are involved with private and
governmental agencies to protect our investment in this lake we love.

It pays to be a member of HLPOA!

These activities and other proactive efforts at keeping Hagerman Lake healthy are made possible by the dedication, enthusiasm, and (of course) the dues of HLPOA members. If you are not yet a member, why not become a part of enriching our life on Hagerman?

Joining is easy—just contact our treasurer, Marla Busakowski, or download and print a membership application here.

Our Board of Directors consists of

Steve SandsPresident2021
Ryan MeskeVice President2022
Beth HjelmSecretary2021
Marla BusakowskiTreasurer2022
Chad JohnsonDirector2021
Mike RummelhoffDirector2022
Wally RankinDirector2021
Chad JohnsonWebmaster2021

To contact any of the board members, log in to the Lake Directory.
Click on the webmaster link above if you don’t know the password.