Lake Stewardship Program


The Hagerman Lake Stewardship Program results from the efforts of The Hagerman Lake Property Owners Association (HLPOA). The program views lake stewardship from a landscape perspective where the lake is influenced by factors not only within the lake’s watershed but from far beyond.
This broader perspective houses the appropriate range of geographic scales from which to approach lake stewardship: a discrete “lake specific” focus that goes hand-in-hand with waterscape-wide awareness. It maintains the waterscape perspective crucial to effective lake stewardship. This is especially important when it comes to addressing the issues of aquatic invasive species (AIS).

Stewardship of Hagerman Lake is an ongoing endeavor coordinated and administered by the HLPOA. 

Whitewater Associates, Inc

The HLPOA contracts with the environment consulting firm Whitewater Associates, Inc for environmental monitoring on Hagerman Lake and guidance executing the stewardship plan. Every two years (odd years), a water quality assessment, measuring physical properties – such as clarity, Ph, Alkalinity, Chlorophyl, etc of the water is performed. Also, every two years (even years), an assessment for aquatic and floral invasive species is performed.
HLPOA has also teamed up with the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP). A Citizen-based volunteer monitoring program collecting a more frequent sampling of handful of water quality parameters.
Goals of this monitoring program are to measure baseline water quality and document water quality trends.

Water Quality Reports

Water quality tests are performed bi-annually. Testing includes measuring water clarity, temperature, disolved oxygen and a number of chemical properties. Reports over the past years can be found below.

Invasive Species

Monitoring for invasive species is performed bi-annually. In the off years of the water quality tests. A few specific species of interest include spiny water fleas, zebra mussels and spot checking for invasive aquatic and non-aquatic plants.

Aquatic Plant Survey

In 2018 Whitewater Associates performed an extensive aquatic plant survey on Hagerman Lake.

This survey divides the lake into several hundred points. At each point, plants are sampled, identified, counted and recorded. The survey provides a baseline for the diversity and location of aquatic plants in the lake. In summary, no invasive species were found.

The entire report can be found here. It is…extensive.